Vulcan Roadmap Upgrade and Mainnet Release

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3 min readJun 16, 2023


We are excited to share with you the progress made thus far on the development of Vulcan Blockchain — the world’s first rebasing layer one blockchain. We would also like to share with you our upgraded roadmap as we progress towards Mainnet release. Currently we are finalizing the Gamma Testnet phase and are pleased to share with you that we will be initiating the Delta Testnet phase in the coming days.

Progress Completed Thus Far:


  • Vulcan Rebranding
  • Non-rebasing Testnet
  • VulcanTrace (without rebase)
  • Full Node KYC Begun
  • Vulcan Faucet
  • Marketing Stage 2


  • Rebase/Firepit added to Testnet
  • DappStarter/Hackathon Relaunch
  • Vulcan Faucet Update
  • VulcanTrace (with rebase)
  • Architecture for Lite Nodes developed
  • Prototype of Vulcan dApp launched

Upcoming Developments:


  • Testnet Reboot with FireStorm (90 second epoch)
  • All Full Nodes completed KYC verification
  • Vulcan dApp — Phase 1
  • BARS — Flex & PowerPool
  • FirePit Dashboard
  • FireStorm Dashboard
  • Vesting Claim Contract Build

The Delta Phase will be a significant step in the development of our blockchain ecosystem, as it involves the deployment of initial versions of the Vulcan dApp on Testnet. The Vulcan dApp serves as a fundamental element within the comprehensive Vulcan BARS system, encompassing the integration of the Flex & PowerPool mechanisms and their respective dashboards. Furthermore, the Vesting Claim contract will be incorporated into the system to test its overall functionality.


  • Testnet Reboot (900 second epoch)
  • Blockchain Audit
  • Vulcan Bridge V1
  • Onboard Testnet Batch 1 of Full Node Validators
  • Lite Node Validator testing
  • Multisig Integrations

During the Epsilon Phase, a crucial aspect will involve the expansion of nodes on the Testnet. This onboarding phase will include Batch 1 of Full Node Validators, a strategic move aimed at fostering a greater level of decentralization within the network. Batch 1 of Lite Nodes will also be activated throughout this phase. This expansion will enable the team to assess the consensus mechanism and health check software through rigorous testing for both Lite Node & Full Node Validators.

Furthermore, a key undertaking during this phase will be the initiation of a comprehensive blockchain audit. This meticulous process involves the engagement of a trusted third-party entity to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the blockchain code and ecosystem dApps. The auditing process encompasses a thorough review of all blockchain documentation, interviews with our Blockchain development team, an audit and review of the protocol codes, and rigorous simulations to test the durability and scalability of our chain. The duration of this auditing process may vary due to the complexity and scope of these factors.


  • Further Full Node Validators added to Testnet
  • Full Node Onboarding/Locking dApp Testing
  • Further Lite Nodes added to Testnet
  • Vulcan dApp — Phase 2
  • OOXYSwap V1

Looking ahead, the plan for Zeta entails several key initiatives that will drive the project’s advancement towards Mainnet. Firstly, the focus will be on further expanding the Testnet ecosystem by onboarding and testing additional Full Node Validators. This will contribute to the scalability and resilience of the network, ensuring its readiness for future deployment. Additionally, efforts will be directed towards the integration of more Lite Nodes into the Testnet, facilitating a wider user base and improving accessibility.

Another crucial objective is the progression of Vulcan’s ecosystem dApps, specifically entering Phase 2, which will involve an extensive build-out of Vulcan’s native Dex — OOXYSwap. This phase aims to enhance the decentralized exchange capabilities and provide a seamless user experience. By diligently executing these planned endeavors, Zeta is poised to achieve significant milestones and solidify its position as a cutting-edge blockchain project.

We are excited to share consistent updates with the community regarding our progress as we conquer these developmental milestones. Rest assured, our team is fully committed to expediting the development process without compromising quality. We eagerly anticipate achieving and celebrating each milestone in collaboration with our valued community members and look forward to a successful release of Vulcan Mainnet by EOY.

To follow milestones as they are achieved —

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