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4 min readJun 6, 2023

As the Vulcan Gamma Testnet continues to rebase and run smoothly, our focus now shifts towards the development and implementation of Lite Nodes. While Full Node Validators are currently undergoing the KYC process, it is time to shed some light on the role and implementation of Lite Nodes.

Lite node software is currently in the developmental phase, and we are pleased to announce that testing will commence during the Epsilon phase. This milestone brings us one step closer to a fully operational network.

The Role of Lite Nodes

Lite Nodes will play a crucial role in ensuring the robustness and security of the Vulcan Blockchain. Since network security is dependent on having a large number of Full Node Validators operating concurrently, it is essential to monitor the Full Node Validators and make sure they are operational. Essentially, Lite Nodes will:

  1. Contribute to the health of the network.
  2. Verify Full Node Validators are online and functioning.
  3. Provide an early warning of potential network security issues.

Lite Nodes will constantly monitor the health status of the entire Vulcan Blockchain network. By performing regular checks and audits, Lite Nodes will contribute to the stability and efficiency of the network, identifying and reporting any potential issues that may arise.

Lite Node Architecture

Lite Node architecture follows a streamlined process to ensure efficient interaction with Full Node Validators and successful verification within the Vulcan Blockchain protocol. The design of the Lite Node architecture is as follows:

  1. Fetch list of Full Node Validators not recently checked and select one at random.
  2. Call API endpoint of selected Full Node Validator and get signed data proof.
  3. Submit signed proof to Vulcan Network Contract for verification.
  4. Contract credits Lite Node for service.

By following this architecture, Lite Nodes can effectively engage with Full Node Validators and ensure the integrity of their contributions to the Vulcan Network.

Implementation of Lite Nodes

The implementation of Lite Nodes is designed to be user-friendly, accessible, and compatible with various operating systems. Our goal is to ensure that Lite Nodes can be easily operated by users regardless of their technical background or the devices they use. To achieve this, we have developed an innovative solution.

Lite Nodes will run on the Vulcan Blockchain through a dedicated application that can be installed on Mac, Windows and Linux computers. This cross-platform compatibility empowers users to engage with the Vulcan Blockchain ecosystem conveniently and efficiently, using the devices they are already familiar with. The Lite Node software requires no more resources than needed for a general consumer app such as a web browser. It also means you will not need to run a Virtual Machine (VMs) nor any extra equipment costs.

Running a Lite Node will be simple and easy, and provide a seamless experience for users while maintaining the necessary security measures to protect the integrity of the network.

Why The Change Occurred

Our development team is laser-focused on three main priorities for our Node Validator program: upgrading Validator architecture, reducing costs for Validators, and simplifying the onboarding process. To achieve these goals, we have implemented EIP-225: Clique proof-of-authority consensus mechanism, a groundbreaking enhancement to our blockchain protocol. This major upgrade revolutionizes the core software that will run within our Full Node Validators’ VMs. With this upgrade, Lite Nodes no longer need to manage their own VMs, resulting in reduced load and operating system requirements.

Moreover, we’ve streamlined the onboarding process to just three simple steps, requiring minimal technical knowledge. If you can install an app on your phone, you can effortlessly deploy a Lite Node and become an active participant in our thriving ecosystem. This forward-thinking approach ensures a seamless experience for all operators, while significantly lowering costs and removing unnecessary complexities.

Updated Reward Structure

The reward structure within the Lite Node ecosystem has undergone significant improvements, addressing previous uncertainties regarding the distribution of funds. Our primary objective was to establish a fair and robust architecture that ensures deterministic allocation. Under the new framework, Lite Nodes are credited each time they verify a Full Node Validator, providing a transparent and measurable basis for rewarding their contributions.

To further enhance fairness, a daily distribution mechanism has been implemented. Specifically, 5% of the total income generated by Full Node Validators over a 24-hour period is proportionally allocated to Lite Node accounts based on their earned credits within the Vulcan Network Contract. This prorated approach guarantees that rewards are distributed in a manner that reflects each Lite Node’s active involvement.

Importantly, Lite Nodes have the flexibility to claim rewards at any time. It is worth noting that only Lite Nodes that actively engage in verifying Full Node Validators are eligible to receive rewards, fostering a culture of participation and incentivizing continuous involvement within the network.

These advancements in the reward structure establish a clear and equitable framework for Lite Nodes, contributing to the overall stability and growth of the Vulcan Network.

Future Updates

The development and implementation of Lite Nodes mark a significant milestone in the evolution of the Vulcan Blockchain. With Lite Nodes fulfilling an important role in the ecosystem and the convenience they offer to users across different operating systems, we are excited about the positive impact they will have on the ecosystem.

We encourage Lite Node holders to stay tuned for further updates as we progress through the Epsilon phase and move closer to the launch of Lite Nodes on the Vulcan Blockchain. We appreciate your continued support and participation in this groundbreaking journey towards a decentralized future.

To hear our Lead Developer discuss Lite Nodes click here to learn more!

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