Vulcan Blockchain Delta Testnet Has Arrived! Why You Should Be EXCITED!

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3 min readJun 19, 2023


With the Gamma phase concluded in just three weeks, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of the highly anticipated Delta phase on our road to Mainnet. This next phase promises to be the most exciting yet, setting the stage for the realization of Vulcan Blockchain’s full potential.

Why You Should Be Excited About Delta Testnet

Delta Testnet marks a pivotal moment as Vulcan Blockchain comes to life. The stage is set for the introduction of the FireStorm mechanism, which will bring a new level of dynamism to the platform. But that’s not all — Delta Testnet will also witness the development of the Vulcan dApp ecosystem, unlocking a world of possibilities for users.

Embracing the BARS Mechanism: One of the highlights of the Delta phase is the live implementation of the BARS (Blockchain Automatic Revenue Sharing) mechanism. Prepare to witness the power of BARS as it comes to life, showcasing the Flex and PowerPool features. This groundbreaking approach will revolutionize the way participants earn and benefit from the Vulcan ecosystem.

How Will The FireStorm Be Introduced?

At the heart of this transformative phase lies the FireStorm event, an essential component within the Vulcan Blockchain ecosystem designed to enhance the deflationary tokenomics of Vulcan’s native coin, $VUL. Inspired by Ethereum’s groundbreaking EIP1559 mechanism, the FireStorm event presents a unique opportunity to vaporize $VUL, effectively reducing the total supply.

The FireStorm event is scheduled to occur every 8640 epochs, bringing a recurring wave of excitement and innovation to Vulcan Blockchain. To facilitate testing and fine-tuning, a FireStorm event was meticulously planned at epoch 18800, specifically set to take place at block 338,400. During this testing phase, the DevNet epoch duration is set at 90 seconds, allowing for a comprehensive evaluation of the FireStorm’s impact. As the Testnet progresses towards the Epsilon phase, the epoch duration will align with that of the Mainnet, clocking in at 900 seconds per epoch. Please note; during the Delta phase of DevNet the epoch duration will remain 90 seconds.

See the FireStorm mechanism in action!

With the successful integration of the deflationary FireStorm mechanism into Vulcan Blockchain’s protocol, a new era is set in motion — the launch of the Delta Testnet. This marks a significant milestone in the platform’s development journey, paving the way for enhanced functionality and unparalleled opportunities. As the team delves deeper into the Delta Testnet, their primary focus lies on building Phase 1 of the Vulcan dApp.

BARS Live In Action

Bars (Blockchain Automated Rewards Sharing) technology combines the Flex rewards of the blockchain with the exciting PowerPool opportunity to give you a daily reason to participate in our ecosystem. This groundbreaking mechanism will revolutionize the way holders of VUL coin benefit from Vulcan’s expanding ecosystem, setting it apart from traditional blockchain platforms that rely solely on transaction fees or staking rewards.

Direct Benefits of BARS:
The introduction of BARS aligns perfectly with Vulcan’s mission to empower its community. By holding VUL coins, users will now have a direct stake in Vulcan’s success, reaping the rewards from the platform’s ever-expanding ecosystem. Unlike traditional platforms, which only offer rewards based on transaction fees or staking, BARS allows for a more holistic and inclusive approach to reward generation.

What Ecosystem dApps Are Involved In BARS?
Phase 1 of the Vulcan dApp promises to be a remarkable endeavor, encompassing the integration of BARS functions from Flex and PowerPool, along with their respective dashboards. This holistic approach ensures that Vulcan Blockchain users will have access to a comprehensive range of features and tools, empowering them to maximize their experience within the ecosystem. By combining the elements of Flex and PowerPool into one all-encompassing dApp, Vulcan aims to create a seamless and user-friendly environment that fosters innovation, collaboration, and growth.

We look forward to continuing to share our progress as we blaze the road to Mainnet, launching the world’s first rebasing layer one blockchain! Let’s make history together, one block at a time!

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