Unleashing Innovation: DappStarter Workshop for Vulcan Blockchain Developers

Vulcan Blockchain
2 min readJun 6, 2023

With the recent launch of Gamma Testnet, we are excited to bring rebasing to the world’s first layer one blockchain! This revolutionizing mechanism allows for developers to start building new types of innovative dApps on Vulcan Blockchain. To help you get started on your development journey, we are scheduling a series of workshops featuring the Decentology DappStarter.

What is DappStarter?

DappStarter is a game-changing, user-friendly tool for developers looking to build dApps on the Vulcan blockchain. It simplifies the development process, even for those unfamiliar with the technology. By breaking down a dApp into individual features, DappStarter generates a complete application, including the front-end client, library code, contract unit tests, and server API. This eliminates the need for developers to start from scratch or search for templates on GitHub, saving them valuable time and effort.

How can I get involved?

Decentology has an exciting lineup of 6 workshops planned over the next 3 months, each one diving into different DappStarter modules. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements as we reveal the workshop time and dates. Make sure to follow Vulcan Blockchain on Twitter and join the Vulcan Blockchain Discord Server to stay updated and not miss out on these valuable learning opportunities.

Click here to sign up to workshop 1

Workshop 1 — Vulcan Core Contract

The following topics will be covered during the first workshop:

  1. Introduction to Vulcan Blockchain Rebasing — How rebasing works in the protocol.
  2. Vulcan Core Rebasing Smart Contract — Understand the features of the Vulcan Core Rebasing Smart Contract and how to interact with it as a developer.
  3. Introduction to Decentology DappStarter — Use Decentology DappStarter to generate a full-stack dApp and interact with it on Testnet.
  4. Build a Rebasing dApp with DappStarter — DappStarter for Vulcan includes a Vulcan Core Rebasing Module. You’ll build a simple dApp that interacts with the Vulcan Core Rebasing Smart Contract and deploy it to Vercel.

At this workshop we will also share details about the relaunch of the Vulcan Hackathon, a revised approach to the Hackathon now that Gamma Testnet with rebasing is available to build on.

Whether you’re a beginning or experienced dApp developer, you will learn something new from this workshop. Complete the form to register and we’ll send you more details about the workshop which is scheduled for Monday, June 12, 2023 at 9 a.m. PST.

Official Links

DappStarter: https://dappstarter.dev/
DappStarter Workshop 1 Sign Up: https://vulcanblockchain.com/build/dappstarter/
Vulcan Website: https://vulcanblockchain.com
Vulcan Twitter: https://twitter.com/VulcanChain
Vulcan Medium: https://vulcanchain.medium.com/
Vulcan YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@VulcanChain
Vulcan Discord: https://discord.gg/vulcanchain
Vulcan dApp: https://app.vulcanblockchain.com