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3 min readMar 14, 2023

In the interests of blockchain longevity, sustainability and to better evolve within the crypto landscape, we are hereby committing to a Strategic Rollout.

This new Strategic Rollout will act as a soft launch for Vulcan to pivot with industry changes and to be better positioned with sustainability as our core focus.

This rollout will allow Vulcan and its native $VUL holders to capitalize on blockchain strength as we hold strong and become more strategically aligned.

5 Month Strategic Rollout

Vulcan’s Strategic Rollout will empower holders and take flight over 5 months starting on Day 1 of Mainnet. It will encompass a revised tokenomics structure along with a uniformed way to produce more activity on the Vulcan blockchain by incentivizing users to ‘Flex’ every day through adopting a new set of habits.

A focus of Vulcan is changing the mentality of Day 1 holders that want to ‘sell their bag’ for a quick profit by dumping on the heads of you, the community. In order to facilitate this change of mindset and produce new behaviors that as a $VUL holder, you can now see rhyme and reason to accept, will benefit not only yourself, but will support the whole Vulcan ecosystem for the longterm.

With the above accepted and in mind, ALL $VUL held through sacrifices made will be made available to redeem over the course of 5 months, starting Day 1 of Mainnet through a release schedule as follows;

First 30 Days: 5%
Second Month: 20%
Third Month: 25%
Fourth Month: 25%
Final Month: 25%

EXAMPLE: You currently hold 10,000 $VUL. You will be eligible to redeem 500 $VUL (5%) in the first month and then 2000 $VUL (20%) in the second month, 2500 $VUL (25%) in the third, fourth and fifth final months.

By implementing the above release schedule, benefits ALL $VUL holders by, for lack of a better word ‘forcing’ them to earn more returns and having them see true realized gains through adopting a ‘passive income mindset’ instead of a ‘dump everything on Day 1 mindset’.

How to redeem your percentage? Just visit our Vulcan dApp and hit the ‘redeem’ button once per month for 5 months. There is only 1 transaction needed. Your claimed $VUL percentage will be redeemed to your own wallet.

Flex Benefits and PowerPool

It is important to know that your ability to claim your daily Flex rewards and Powerpool eligibility on your whole $VUL holdings will NOT be effected.

This means that the amount you can pull as passive income from Flex will be still based upon your entire $VUL coins held so you will NOT be restricted in any way shape or form to collect rewards on your whole vested amount.

ANY and ALL daily Flex rewards that you claim will directly go to your wallet from which you are requesting the claim from. Only your original amount of $VUL will remain vested as per the above 5 month release schedule.

Your Flex rewards are calculated on your whole 100% contribution of held $VUL coins.

Final Tokenomics

Max Supply: 375,000,000,000
Total Initial Supply: 330,000,000
Treasury: 33,000,000 (10%)
Sacrificed for VUL including Nodes: 27,043,144 (8.19%)
FirePit Burnt: 269,956,856 (81.81%)
Total Coins Circulating: 60,043,144

VUL Tokenomics

Treasury Allocation (10%)

65% Liquidity for CEX’s and OOXY DEX
10% Marketing ie Giveaways, Promotions, Manual FirePit Burns
10% Grants Fund
10% OOXY Labs
5% Operating Expenses

Vulcan Treasury Allocation



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