Introducing Vulcan PowerPool: A New Passive Income Stream For $VUL Holders

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2 min readFeb 23, 2023

If you’re a holder of Vulcan Blockchain’s native coin $VUL, then you’re in for a treat. We are excited to announce the launch of our newest feature: The Vulcan PowerPool.

What is the Vulcan PowerPool?

The PowerPool is a new way for VUL holders to earn passive income on their holdings. Instead of running a lottery system like other projects, we have created a unique way for every single $VUL holder to be eligible for the PowerPool.

The PowerPool is a 30 day cumulative total of unclaimed daily Flex rewards. This ensures that rewards are not lost and can be claimed at a later date, encouraging continued participation in the ecosystem.

How To Claim

To claim your PowerPool allocation, the criteria is simple:

  • Hold at least 1 $VUL at the time of the PowerPool claim and
  • Have had daily Flex claims each day leading up to the PowerPool day.

Note: Missing or forgetting to claim your Flex reward 1 day out of 30 automatically voids your eligibility to claim the PowerPool.

This encourages on-chain transactional volume and incentivizes users to utilize the Vulcan Blockchain each and every day aswell as offering greater validator rewards to Node holders.

More $VUL = More Rewards

Unlike a lottery, the amount that a holder can claim from the PowerPool is based on their $VUL % holding, just like FixedFlex. This means that the more $VUL a holder has, the more they can earn from the PowerPool. This further incentivizes larger $VUL holders to remain invested in the ecosystem, creating a stronger community.

Unclaimed Rewards

Any amount left in the PowerPool unclaimed will roll over into the next PowerPool event in 30 days.

There is a minimal cost to claiming your reward allocation: GAS fee + 5% of the claimed $VUL amount your entitled to receive. This 5% goes to the Treasury as a fee to maintain the Vulcan ecosystem and allows the Treasury to be able to continue to fund the growth and expansion of the Blockchain.

This new feature provides an exciting opportunity for $VUL holders to earn passive income on their VUL coin holdings without relying on luck or chance. Instead, it encourages on-chain usage and provides a fair distribution of rewards based on the amount of $VUL coins held.

With Vulcan PowerPool, we have once again demonstrated our commitment to creating innovative solutions to continue to incentivize our community.



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