Gamma Testnet is LIVE!

Vulcan Blockchain
3 min readMay 28, 2023

We are excited to announce the launch of Gamma Testnet by Vulcan Blockchain. This marks a crucial milestone in our journey to create a powerful and scalable blockchain ecosystem. The Gamma Testnet is now available, offering developers, enthusiasts, and community members a chance to explore and test the capabilities of the world’s first rebasing blockchain.

Gamma Testnet serves as a crucial stepping stone in our development roadmap, allowing us to gather valuable feedback and insights from the dedicated Vulcan community. Through this stage of testnet, developers can experiment with smart contracts, evaluate transaction speeds, and assess the overall performance of the Vulcan Blockchain infrastructure. This collaborative testing phase will allow us to identify and resolve any potential challenges before our final Mainnet launch. As part of Gamma Testnet, you can collect 10 test $VUL coins using the official Testnet Faucet.

Installing Gamma Testnet

For developers and community members eagerly awaiting the opportunity to explore Gamma Testnet, please see the graphic below to assist you in the installation process. To ensure a smooth and seamless experience, we recommend using Metamask as the preferred method for accessing Gamma Testnet.

Please follow the instructions below to successfully install Gamma Testnet to your network. By actively participating in this testing phase, you contribute to the advancement of Vulcan’s stance in the Cryptosphere for which your enthusiasm and support is fully appreciated.

NOTE: During this testing phase, please be aware that we have accelerated the epoch interval from 900 seconds (15 minutes) to 90 seconds for improved efficiency control. This change is specifically for Testnet purposes only. From a development perspective, reducing the interval to 90 seconds is more practical, as it eliminates the need to wait for 15 minutes to test the functionality being built.

Gamma Testnet RPC Details

Network Name: Vulcan Testnet
Chain ID: 14333
Currency Symbol: VUL
Block explorer URL:

Moving Forward After Gamma

Throughout the testing phase of Gamma Testnet, we will gain valuable insights that will guide us in completing the necessary steps for the Vulcan Mainnet deployment. As we progress through our roadmap to Mainnet we will be focusing on undertaking a thorough blockchain audit and designing a bug bounty program. We recognize that these crucial processes require additional time so that we can confidently proceed with the Mainnet launch with full confidence.

By conducting rigorous code auditing, we are committed to identifying and resolving any potential vulnerabilities or weaknesses in the system. Simultaneously, bug bounties provide an opportunity for external experts to contribute their expertise and help us strengthen the security and reliability of the Mainnet.

We understand the anticipation surrounding Vulcan Mainnet launch and assure our community that we are dedicated to delivering a high-quality and dependable blockchain solution. While it may entail some additional time, we firmly believe that these efforts will ultimately lead to a more robust and secure Mainnet experience for all stakeholders involved.

Our $VUL Sacrifice Checker is being Upgraded

As part of our preparations for the Mainnet launch, we will be removing the $VUL Sacrifice checker from our dApp. This change is aimed at optimizing the user experience and ensuring a smooth transition.

In place of the $VUL Sacrifice Checker, we will be merging this data and incorporating it into a one stop solution into our newly upgraded ‘all encompassing’ Vulcan dApp.

Please note that the current version of Vulcan dApp is a working prototype, with current figures for demonstrative only. The app cannot be connected to at this stage as it is view only, when this is changed we’ll announce an update.

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