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2 min readJan 8, 2023

As the world’s first auto-rebasing, auto-compounding and auto-staking Blockchain, we have designed and developed a revolutionary new concept; FixedFlex issuing $VUL rewards to holders offering unlimited earning potential.

What is FixedFlex?

FixedFlex is comprised of 2 components within it:

The word FIXED means the permanent, consistent and unmodifiable FIXED 44% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) per year which is distributed directly as rebases. Every $VUL holder receives this just by holding $VUL coins in their wallet through auto-staking. The FIXED amount is distributed to all ELIGIBLE wallets automatically without the need to CLAIM or locking up your coins at all.

The word FLEX pertains to 1% of fees from all $VUL transactions conducted on-chain which are accumulated throughout a 24 hour period. These fees are collected and then made available to CLAIM.

For a wallet to be classed as ELIGIBLE it needs to meet both criteria:

· Hold a minimum of 1 $VUL coin during the 24 hour period

· CLAIM during the 24 hour period via the Vulcan dApp

What does CLAIM mean?

For a wallet to be ELIGIBLE to receive FLEX rewards, it needs to CLAIM the available reward by contributing to the Blockchain and connecting to the dApp, then pressing the CLAIM button by paying the required network GAS fee. The point of issuing out FLEX rewards is to encourage network usage in order for node validators to benefit from GAS fees paid. Node validators play a vital role toward maintaining the network and verifying its integrity.

An ELIGBILE wallet will need to perform the CLAIM transaction during the 24 hour period. If the 24 hour period lapses without a CLAIM, the FLEX reward is forfeited for that period. The forfeited total will roll over into the next 24 hour period and added to the new FLEXPOOL$.

The FLEXPOOL$ reward is reset at 23:59 UTC everyday.

How do you earn with FLEX?

To calculate what VULREWARD$ is received by an ELIGIBLE wallet, the below formula is to be used:

FLEXPOOL$ = Total fees (1%) collected from $VUL transactional volume during a 24hr period known as the Flexible Rebase Component.

YOURWALLET% = Percentage of $VUL Circulating Supply held.


NOTE: The FLEXPOOL$ reward is reset at 23:59 UTC everyday.


$100,000,000 on-chain volume was conducted during the 24 hour period of which 1% contributed to the FLEXPOOL$ equaling $1,000,000 worth of $VUL accumulated.

Your wallet holds 1% of total $VUL Circulating Supply so $1,000,000 is multiplied by your percentage of coin holdings ($1,000,000 x 0.01) equaling = $10,000 worth of $VUL you are eligible to CLAIM on the Vulcan dApp.

** PLEASE NOTE: The FirePit and Treasury held wallets are EXCLUDED from the FLEXPOOL$ and will not receive VULREWARD$



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